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Travel to your most colorful self

I´m glad you´re here!

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Have you also stopped listening to your heart and going for your dreams?
You are not alone in this.

Many people are stuck with their feelings in the past. Their negative thought loops and self-doubt hold them back.
But they sense that much more lies dormant within them. They want to live their most colorful self and their dreams.
My work reminds you that you can create the colorful life you desire - because it all starts within you.


Known from


What Sebastian Fitzek says

SPIEGEL bestselling Author​​​

"It’s almost like Christmas. 
Nathalie created it elaborately and amazingly. 
Insane, insaaane. 
This artwork needs a special place. 
Wow. Wow. Wow."



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"Because of you I´m going through with Work & Travel.

If you can quit and start over, I can do that too!"


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My art is right for you if you want to...

  • have a wonderful, unique travel companion in your life that also beautifies your home

  • let go of your constant circling of thoughts and use your fear for yourself

  • follow your heart

  • discover and live your most colorful self

  • take responsibility, stop postponing your colorful life into the future and go for yourself and your dreams

  • feel and live free and self-determined

  • show yourself to the world in your unique colors

Get the free Artbook directly to your e-mail address​

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  • infos about commissioned works

  • all saleable artworks incl. prices, dimensions...

  • more about me and my art

What to expect,
when you buy an artwork


High Quality Artwork

You have an amazing eye catcher in your lovely home and your dream or goal daily in front of your eyes.

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It reminds you of the journey you are on. Feel free to read it over and over again, if you need a motivational boost.

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The Travel-Guide is a workbook customized to your artwork that will additionally guides you back to your most colorful self with knowledge, transformative exercises, reflective questions and meditations.

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Certificate of Authenticity

The certificate of authenticity confirms the originality of the artwork. There is a hologram on the back of your artwork as well as on the certificate.


"Changes make themselves apparent.

The artwork motivates me every day to go my own way."


Art for people, who want to discover and live their most colorful self


I am Nathalie.

As an abstract personality artist, I support and accompany you to travel to your most colorful self and lead a fulfilled and happy life.

I combine my art with personal development for you. Because what we see every day and with which we surround ourselves daily, changes how we feel, think and ultimately what decisions we make.

I am convinced that with personal development we can live together in a more colorful and fulfilling world.


Your personal Travel-Guide


  • you know who you are and what you want

  • you believe in yourself and your colorful dreams

  • you live out of joy

  • your energy is almost magnetic and you attract the right people into your life

  • instead of postponing your dreams until tomorrow, you finally start to realize them

  • instead of constantly comparing yourself with others, you go into visibility full of enthusiasm

  • instead of doubting yourself, you recognize your uniqueness and show yourself to the world in your brightest colors

The Travel Guide, in addition to my art, will help you travel back to your most colorful self and create the colorful life you desire.

Show yourself to the world with all your colors!

All information directly to your e-mail address...

In my travel emails you´ll get personal insights into my life as an artist and learn more about me and my art. Plus, you'll also get the digital artbook with more info and prizes.

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Much more than just decoration

Art has the power to change us.

This is confirmed by a 4-year international study led by Dr. Matthew Pelowski of the Institute for Psychology of Cognition, Emotion and Methods.

  • It changes how you feel, think and ultimately how you act.

  • ​It changes how you see yourself.

  • It changes what things you find important and what traits and skills you acquire.

Through my art, your subconscious gets a daily impulse to perceive what is inside you.


Because according to Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Roth (neurobiologist) , 95% of our processes in the brain run in our subconscious.


Can you imagine what positive effect my artwork hold for you and your life?

A special and individual artwork​​
adjusted to your colorful self

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a companion that helps you get closer to your dream, your goal or your "I am..." every day?

An artwork that brings out your most colorful self?

I help you with my art to create the colorful life you desire. Because I create a high quality, for you individually made unique, which is specially tailored to you.

We create together a wonderful symbol for soulfulness, courage and self-determination and transport all the confidence through sight.

So that you come closer to your most colorful self every day. Because what you see changes how you think, feel and ultimately what decisions you make.


10 Steps to your Commissioned Work


You send me a request by e-mail:


I will send you the "travel questionnaire". You can fill it in at your leisure with your destination or your "I am...". Send the completed document back to me by mail.


Afterwards we will finalize your intention based on the travel questionnaire.


I will gladly advise you to find the right format for your four walls.


We will determine together, with the help of the travel questionnaire, in which direction to go color-wise.


When all the questions are answered, you can commission your very own work of art.


Now the time has come when you can sit back and relax and hand over control to me. Because that's exactly the appeal of an artistic commissioned work.


When the artwork feels finished to me, I will send you a photo and ask for your honest opinion. I love it when my clients give me a lot of freedom. Their opinion is still very important to me.


We will discuss whether we can still optimize something. If necessary, I will make individual changes to the artwork.


Your finished artwork will be sent directly to your home.

"I didn't want everyone who enters my apartment to see what goals and dreams I have.

That's why I was very happy that Nathalie painted my goal as an abstract artwork.

So I have my dream every day before my eyes and only I know what goal is behind it :)"


A commissioned work isn´t for you?

Then choose from one of mine for sale artworks to bring out your most colorful self.

They remind you of values, transport emotions and bring positive feelings into your four walls.

Each of my artworks invites you to reflect, remember, and reflect values.

Just as with a commissioned work, you will also receive your personal Travel-Guide with freesale artwork.

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Sign up!


Sign up for my travel e-mails to get more info and the digital artbook (0 €) with all the prices.

Included in the artbook:


  • info about commissioned paintings

  • all freely available artworks

  • available art prints

  • all prices

  • shipping info

  • customer reviews

  • and much more...

Also via e-mail:


  • learn more about me and my art

  • get insights into my life and work

  • learn more about my offerings and how my art is created

  • stay up to date

*e-mails only in german

Do you have any questions?

Then feel free to contact me directly!

Mit Liebe versiegelt

You'd rather talk to me in person?


Book a free consultation

Click on the button, choose your desired date and arrange a free and non-binding consultation with me.

I look forward to getting to know you.

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