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Travel to your most colorful self

Are you looking for a special piece of art that will help you personally?

A unique piece that touches you and supports you in the journey to your most colorful self?

You want art with meaning that reflects your values and want to give your space positive vibes?

Then I have something for you!

Prices, dimensions, detail shots, backgrounds and room examples can be found in my free Artbook.

5 Tipps wie dir dein Neuanfang gelingt (14).png

"Time to Dream"

I consciously take time to dream.

I use boredom for myself, because only in this way I gain self-knowledge and new ideas for my personal heart's path.

I leave my usual path, make new, valuable experiences for myself and my life and realize my dream.

The more satisfied I am with the time I spend on my life's journey, the less risky the bet.


Because even if, at the end of the journey, it turns out that the dream I've fulfilled doesn't make me as happy as I expected, I've experienced a lot along the way.


"I´m allowed to by myself"

My self-esteem is the most important prerequisite for finding the courage to set out and to master the difficulties on the journeys of my life.


I am myself.

I distinguish myself and that is good.

I create something new simply by being myself - in everything I do.


Self-realization is the only method to be permanently and satisfyingly successful.

Because I know that if I stay true to myself, what I create must necessarily be original and unique.

I am good the way I am.


I am a role model for others by being myself.

"I´m brave"

I know that it takes courage to listen to my inner voice and to walk my personal heart's path.

Far away from the opinions of some people in my environment.

I only gain the courage to set out when I defeat myself. Once I have overcome my fears, nothing can stop me.


Even when challenges arise on my path, I know, that everything happens for a reason, even if it is not immediately obvious.


But I use the opportunity for myself, learn from it and ask myself:

"What can I get out of this situation for myself and for my future path with me?"

I have confidence in myself and in life. I am grateful for my courage. I am a role model for others.


"The Art of my Decisions"

I know that I have to make different choices if I want something to change on the outside.

I can't go on living the way I have been and at the same time hope that something will change.

I have to see myself differently.

I have to feel differently.

I have to perceive things differently.

I go through life with a different awareness than before.

I know that growth is never linear.

Maybe I have to leave my comfort zone for it.

But in my darkest shadow, my greatest growth is waiting.

I see the values that are important to me as my compass for my decisions.

"The Boundaries of Others
are Not Mine"

Other people's beliefs are not my certainty.

Only my own convictions can become the standard of my life. Therefore, I never take the lives of others as the standard.

The fears of others do not equal my fears.

I set my own limits.

Even when headwinds arise, I stay with myself and let the wind pass me by.

Because I know my abilities, passions and talents.

Therefore, my courage grows to embark on new journeys and to gather experiences that take me further on the path to my most colorful self.

I have confidence in myself and in life.

I am grateful for my curiosity and my courage.


"My Heart knows the Way"

I will be able to find the answer only in my heart.

It all starts with me coming out of fear and back into love.

I open myself to the realizations that what I think is THE reality is only MY reality.

It is my mind that stands like a wall between me and my heart.

The more I relax, the lower the wall will become, until eventually I can easily climb over it and find myself in my heart.

I will no longer deny the power and love within me.

I will learn to appreciate and love myself.

"The Magic of my New Start"

Every day, every hour, every minute and every second I have the chance to start completely new.

I can leave all the ballast and everything old behind me in order to plunge into a new adventure.

changes can also cause fear and make me doubt, because every new beginning is connected with a 

certain uncertainty.

But my inner voice and gut feeling know best what is right for ME.


There will never be a perfect time for a new beginning - therefore the right time is: NOW!


You want to know prices and dimensions of the Artworks?

5 Tipps wie dir dein Neuanfang gelingt (14).png
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