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An honest Interview with the Artist

In this blog post you'll get private insights into my life and get answers to some exciting questions. 😊

1. Why did you specialize in the topic of personal development?

Because I saw and still see a positive impact personal development and self-realization has on me and my life.

I felt at that time that my life had more in store for me than the hamster wheel in which I was running as if on autopilot.

Due to my personal development, I am now able to live my dream. My dream to realize myself by combining two of my passions - art and personal development.

Nathalie-Grünwald-Kunstwerk-Die Kunst meiner Entscheidungen


"Time to Dream"

I have found my way back to myself and that's what I want for you too.

I want you to start dreaming again.

It is a matter of the heart for me to combine my knowledge, which I have acquired over the past years through books and coaching sessions, with my art for you....

"[...] because art has the power to change everyone of us."

Dr. Matthew Pelowski

This is confirmed by a 4-year international study led by Dr. Matthew Pelowski of the Institute for Psychology of Cognition, Emotion and Methods.

I want to help as many people as possible journey to their most colorful self and create the colorful life they desire.

Because I am convinced that the world would be a more colorful and fulfilling place if more people lived their original.

2. Who is your Art for?

My art is for people who want to travel to their most colorful self.

Do you currently feel like you're going through life robotically, listlessly unwinding your daily life as if you are on autopilot?

Do you want to reprogram your subconscious and break out of the negative thought spiral?

You want to be the creator of your life?

Then I paint for YOU!

My art is meant for you...

...if you want to live your most colorful self.

...if you want to come back into your power and go for your dreams.

...if you want to enjoy your life in its most colorful and vibrant colors.

...if you are aware that you can create your own life.


"It all begins within me"

3. What excites you about developing yourself?

What I've come to understand over the last few years is that my inner world creates my outer world.

As inside, so outside.

I am excited to see the impact my thinking and feeling have on my life. I am fascinated by how my life has changed positively thanks to personal development.

I find it fascinating and relieving at the same time to know that I have the ability to create my life the way I want it to be.

We are responsible for our own lives.

As we become more and more comfortable with ourselves, our self-confidence grows. We find the courage to leave our comfort zone and grow beyond ourselves.


"I´m brave"

An incredibly beautiful side effect is to see how my environment also becomes more and more interested in the topic and opens up. Because by giving yourself permission to live your most colorful self, you will be an inspiration to others.

Can you understand why personality development and self-realization excite me so much? 😊

4. What have been the most emotional moments for you so far on your journey to your most colorful self?

The awakening, was probably THE most emotional moment for me.

Moments in my life that painfully showed me very clearly how precious and short our time on this earth is.

As painful as those moments were at the time, they helped me realize that what I was living was not what I wanted for myself and my life.

They helped me realize that life has so much more in store for me and is there to be lived - and not just when I retire.

In order to realize my dream as a personality artist, I had to quit my secure job.

This step was an incredible liberating moment for me.

It felt like I was breaking out of the hamster wheel. I could finally breathe again and enjoy my life every day now.

All of a sudden, life didn't just feel like "life" on the weekends anymore.

Nathalie-Grünwald-Kunstwerk-Die Kunst meiner Entscheidungen


"The Art of My Decisions"

I have drawn people into my life who were exactly the right people that I needed at that exact moment.

The feeling that everything falls into place when I set out and that life is for me is indescribable.

Particularly emotional moments for me are also those when I get feedback from my clients.

When I read what positive change my art brings to the lives of my clients, tears of joy come to my eyes. 😍

That is a priceless feeling that I am very grateful for.

5. Were there any obstacles you had to overcome along the way?

The biggest obstacle in the beginning was my lack of confidence.

I knew that I needed to develop confidence in myself and in my skills and talents if I wanted to live a self-determined and fulfilling life.

After a few years of personal development, I saw my goal more and more clearly.

However, it felt like I was standing in front of a huge mountain.

A mountain that at first seemed unconquerable.

That's why I started to divide the way into single stages.

I had no idea how to create a website.

I had no idea how to set up and launch a newsletter.

I had no idea how to create an artbook

I had no idea how to create blog articles


But I set out on my journey.

I'm implementing one thing at a time and getting closer and closer to the top.

The nice thing is - my confidence is growing with every step I take towards the summit.

And yes, even on the way up there are stages that are shadier.

Sections that are overshadowed by self-doubt.

Especially in moments when someone tries to persuade me:

"How are you going to make a living from art these days! The art market is completely oversaturated."

But even those shadowy stages are perfectly fine and part of the process.

Without shadows, there is no light 🙂

And I know that the limits of others, are not my limits.


"The Boundaries of Others are Not Mine"

6. What effect do you want your art to have on people?

My art reminds them of all that is inside them.

It boosts their confidence and makes them braver every day to go for their dreams.

The things we deal with or surround ourselves with every day change how we think, feel and ultimately how we act.

Your subconscious mind learns to think new thoughts.

And that in turn changes how they feel and ultimately what decisions they make.

And by acting differently or making different choices, they steer their lives step by step in a new direction.

In a direction in which they can live their most colorful self and enjoy life in the most colorful colors.


"My Heart knows the Way"

Are you interested in my artwork?

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