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"Back to Me"

My new series "Back to Me" is based on the book of the same name by Laura Malina Seiler, in which she tells an inspiring and encouraging story.

A story that fits perfectly with the intention of my art:

"Travel to your most colorful self"


Alma, the main character in the book, has reached a point in her life where she just doesn't know what to do next.

She feels empty and ruminates about her life.

I would argue that I was Alma.

In fact, maybe we're all a little bit Alma?

I can tell you that I have definitely been at this point before.

All of a sudden, Alma's doorbell rings. A mailman is holding a package for her.

Inside the package is a letter addressed to her and a notebook. From that point on, everything changes for her as she embarks on a journey back to her most colorful self and encounters her 90-year-old self.

"The problem most people have is that they think it's normal, that they feel the way they do, that their life is the way it is. (...) They think it's normal to feel that everything is a struggle and all the effort is never enough. They eventually stop questioning the status quo in their lives because somehow everyone lives that way."

Travel Reminder

"I create my Future"

We often wonder why nothing changes in our lives, even though we wish it would.

But how can anything change in your life if you live every day the copy of your previous day?

We humans have forgotten that life means growth, letting go and above all self-development. We have forgotten that we are NOT powerless, but can influence our lives, how we are doing.

You have the opportunity to choose every day anew how your life will go on from now on. Every day has the potential to be a beginning. A beginning for a new life.

How do you choose?

Do you live the continuation of your past or do you travel back to your most colorful self?

You already have everything you need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

It's all within you.


"It all begins within me"

You just have to be worth it to yourself to go for your most colorful life.

No one can or will do that for you.

Once you find out who you really are, you will never be able to forget it.

It will change how you think, feel and how you will decide and act because you know who you really are and what is possible for you. Meet yourself and your life with love. Because only what you treat with love can grow and flourish.

Only if you are willing to take responsibility for how your inner world looks, you can change it.

In her book "Back to Me", the author Laura talks about "your inner garden".

Every thought you think is a seed that you plant in your inner garden. And you water that seed with your feelings. The more often you think this thought, the more present it will be in your inner garden. Often we get in our own way with our thinking and our beliefs. And most of the time we don't even realize it.

Because what most people do is go through their lives unconsciously.

Most people often sow negative thoughts and beliefs about themselves.

Maybe also because they get it talked into them by others and don't question it further.

We have experiences in our lives that make it hard for us to believe in the good in life and in ourselves. Believe me, I could have sung you a song about it (which I don't want to do to you 🙈).


"My Heart knows the Way"

You, I, and all of us cannot avoid hurt in the course of our lives, but how long we hold on to the pain is entirely our choice.

In fact, our greatest freedom lies in the fact, that we can determine for ourselves what meaning we give to the experiences we live through. It is our own evaluation that either moves us forward in life, we learn from it and come out stronger, or it keeps us from looking forward and moving on.

You can't change the past anymore.

But you can change how you feel right now in this moment about the experience.

You can change your inner attitude about the things you experienced.

When you do that, you are no longer living in the past, but in the present - in the now. And through that, everything around you will change.

You have the choice to either use the power of your thoughts to bring your past problems into the present over and over again, or to create a new powerful reality for yourself.

And I definitely wish for you the second 🥳



"I give my experiences their meaning"

I had to smile a bit when I read in the book "Back to Me" that Alma is sitting in front of some empty picture frames during her journey, waiting to be filled with canvases.

The frames represent the different areas of life, such as relationships, family, health, career, finances, etc.

On the canvases she is supposed to paint pictures of how she wants to create her most colorful future.

When I read this, I just thought to myself:

"Wow ok, that's exactly what I do with my art too" 🙈.

Most people often focus on what they don't want instead of what they do want.

"Of what we put our focus on,

more and more comes into our lives."

What painting with what intention would you like to have hanging in your four walls?

For which life, for which dream, for which "I am...." do you go?

Inspired by the book "Back to Me" the following artworks were created for you:

  • "My Heart Knows the Way"

  • "I give my experiences their meaning"

  • "I create my Future"

  • "It all begins within Me"

Download my free Artbook to get all information about the artworks.

Looking forward to our journey together back to your most colorful self ♥




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