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How is an Artwork created?

In this blog post I'll show you step by step how one of my artworks is created.

Each brush stroke has its own meaning.

You'll also learn what inspires me and what goes through my mind when the artwork is finished.

Insights into the creation of a painting

The theme of personality development runs through my entire painting process and influences my technique.

At the beginning of your life, the canvas is blank.

It is completely white and waiting to be painted.

It is painted by experiences that shape you and beliefs that influence you. All this is stored in your subconscious.

The subconscious represents the first layers of my artwork.

They are facets of experiences that randomly run into each other like watery layers of paint.

At some point you come to a point where you consciously begin to question the thoughts and beliefs of your subconscious.

Conscious awareness is the first step on the journey to your most colorful self.

You make the decision to shape your life yourself and to get to know and live the real you.

This decision is represented by the purposefully placed brush strokes on the canvas.

They are conscious hand movements that I make.

These handles are as conscious as the decision you have made to travel to your most colorful self and live a colorful life.

On your journey to your most colorful self, you will encounter challenges and have to leave your comfort zone.

You will have to make different choices to see different results in your life.

Growth is never linear. The jagged lines on my artwork remind you of that.

Feel free to read my blog post "The Art of Your Decisions" for more on this.

But you will be rewarded when you go.

You will be rewarded with valuable experiences and with an authentic and colorful life that makes you fulfilled and happy.

For that, you may celebrate yourself and your life.

The best way to do this is with confetti, which you will find in the form of splashes of color in each of my artworks. ♥

These are the materials I use

You have already experienced that my artwork consists of several layers.

Acrylic paints are a particularly good choice because of their short drying time.

In addition, acrylic paints are very color-intensive.

I work with already mixed colors as well as with self-mixed colors.

So I can respond to your individual color wishes.

High quality is very important to me.

That is why I use only high quality canvases.

After finishing my painting

After the artwork feels finished to me, I always take a few days and put it aside.

Afterwards, I let it take effect on me once again.

It happens that I notice little things that I want to change.

When the work of art is finished, I feel complete and happy.

A feeling of anticipation spreads through me to finally be able to send the picture on its journey.

I am curious how the reaction will be and am always happy like a little child about feedback 😊

When I receive these or similar messages, I know why I paint:

Note: Text was translated from German into English

It's an indescribably great feeling to not only see my artwork in a new home, but also to witness my clients' lives change for the better:

Note: Text was translated from German into English

I am incredibly grateful for such news.

It makes me happy to read that my work makes you happy ♥.

These are the moments that motivate me to tackle the next artwork with all its challenges.

My source of inspiration

My source of inspiration is, among other things, my personal development.

Whether it's books I read or coaching sessions I afford myself.

All the learnings I take away for me, I also take away for you.

Besides the books and coaching sessions, you are my source of inspiration.

I love it when you seek contact with me and I can exchange ideas with you.

It is important to me to create value for your life with my art.

That's why it's very valuable for me to learn what's bothering you in your life or where you wish for change.

I regularly take time out for myself.

Me, alone with my inspiration book in nature.

There I can best write down my thoughts, organize and focus.

You are interested in my artworks?

Click the button and download my Artbook for free, which includes all saleable images, detail shots, more information and prices.




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