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I want an artwork, what now?

Have you discovered a painting in my artbook that you like and that makes you feel will help you to grow personally?

In this blog post you will learn everything about the following topics:

  1. The first contact

  2. Commissioned work

  3. My artworks virtually on your wall

  4. Detailed photos of my artwork

  5. Hanging up the canvas

  6. What to expect

  7. Installment payment

  8. Shipping

  9. Return

Feel free to have a look into my artbook by clicking the button below.

1. First contact

There will be a button “request now without obligation” under every painting in my artbook. By clicking on it you will be able to contact me directly per mail.

Of course you can also contact me without clicking the button. Feel free to send me an

e-mail. My e-mail address is:

You will ALWAYS contact me without obligation!

2. Commissioned work

You can have your very personal goals, dreams, desirable characteristics processed in a work of art by me. Therfore you have your intention in front of your eyes every day.

Because as you know:

What you see every day, changes how you feel, think and ultimately how you act ;)

For more details on commissioned work, check out my blog post "I want a commissioned painting. How does it work?" or my free artbook.

3. My artworks virtually on your wall

My artworks have a great meaning for me. Therefore, it is important to me that they come to a lovely home where they can develop their full effect.

You wonder how the painting will look like on your wall?

Send me a photo of the wall on which the artwork will find its place. I will photoshop the virtual painting into the picture of the surrounding that you submit, for free, with no obligation.

This will give you an impression of how it looks in its potential new place.

You can find more about this topic in my blog post "My artwork virtually on your wall".

4. Detailed photos of my artwork

You would like to see more details of your favorite artwork.

Write me an email at and I would be happy to send you more photos or a video for free and without obligation.

5. Hanging up the canvas

The canvases will already have the mounting brackets. I will also gladly include the nail to the package.

You will need the following tools to hang the artwork onto your wall:

  • folding rule

  • pencil

  • hammer

  • if necessary a spirit level

Please find more information in my blog post "How to hang my artwork".

6. What to expect

- An abstract artwork that will not only be an eye-catcher in your four walls, but also keeps you daily your personal goals, dreams and desires before your eyes and brings you closer to them. Even if you perceive the artwork only subconsciously in the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed. Because what you see every day changes how you think, feel and ultimately what decisions you make. ❤

- A Travel-Guide that I customize to fit your artwork. The Travel Guide is a workbook that accompanies you on your journey to your most colorful self for 30 days in addition to your artwork. It consists of 198 pages of knowledge and exercises, over 90 reflective questions, 6 powerful and transformative mediations to anchor what you've learned emotionally, and 2 bonus meditations. This Travel Guide you can order on request in addition to your artwork from me.

You can learn more about the journey guide here. 👈

- A Travel-Reminder that gives you an additional reminder of the journey you're on and all that's inside of you. Feel free to read through it should you need a motivational boost. I write the travel reminder in the first person so that both your conscious and subconscious mind feel immediately addressed as you read it.

- A Certificate of Authenticity that confirms the originality of your artwork. There is a hologram on the back of your artwork as well as on the certificate. The combination of certificate and hologram guarantees that each certificate of authenticity refers only to a specific work of art. I will send you the Crtificate of Authenticity in a high quality folder. So you can keep it safe.

- And maybe one or the other surprise. 😉

7. Installment payment

Should an installment payment help you to get your dream painting to your home, write me an e-mail without obligation. We will certainly find a way 😊.

8. Shipping

Not only have I painted the artwork with passion. I will also pack the painting with love and make sure that it is packed well so that it will arrive safely in its new home.

The package will be shipped as soon as I have received the entire purchase price.

Shipping within Germany is free of charge.

You want to send your painting to another country?

Please contact me in this regard:

You can expect the following delivery times:

Germany: 3 weeks

Europe: 4 weeks

Outside Europe: 60 - 80 days (due to the current COVID-19 situation)

With the help of the tracking number you can locate the artwork during shipping.

I will still inform you where the package is and when it will approximately arrive, so you don't have to worry about that.

9. Return

In case you don´t like the painting you can return it 14 days after receiving to the address you will find on the package. Please return the canvas in its original packaging so that the artwork will not be damaged.

After I receive the artwork undamaged, I will refund you the purchase price excluding the shipping costs incurred.

You will have to pay for the return shipping yourself.

You want to see all available artworks incl. prices? Click on the button and download my artbook for free.

You still have more question marks floating around in your head? Write me an e-mail. I will gladly answer them for you :)




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