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Commissioned painting. How does it work?

In this blog post, I'll show you what to expect when you commission your own personal artwork that will support you on your journey to your most colorful self.


A commissioned artwork is something very special.

You can determine the intention and the format yourself. I will also take into account your wishes for the color.

It is your own personal journey to your most colorful self.

You can link your goals, dreams, values and characteristics that you would like to achieve with your personal artwork. In this way, you will be reminded daily of where you want your journey to go. Being reminded daily will help you make choices that will bring you closer to your most colorful self.

In addition to the artwork made especially for you, you will receive a workbook individually tailored to your personal artwork - your Travel-Guide.

It will accompany you on your journey to your most colorful self in addition to your artwork. It contains 198 pages of knowledge and exercises, over 90 reflective questions, 6 powerful and transformative mediations to anchor what you've learned emotionally and 2 bonus meditations.

You can learn more about the journey guide here. 👈

You'll also receive a Travel-Reminder that revisits your intention. It is intended to support you, in addition to your artwork, in reminding your subconscious and conscious mind of the journey you are on and where you want to go. Feel free to read it over and over again should you need a motivational boost.



The price varies depending on the size of the canvas. Once you have told me the format of the artwork, I can quote you the price of the painting.

Price examples can be found in my artbook.

Should an installment payment help you to get your dream artwork to your home, write me an e-mail without obligation. We will certainly find a way.

How long does it take?

Orders always have priority.

Depending on the order situation and size of the image, it may take a while until the artwork is ready. Expect at least three weeks once I have started with your order.

If you want your picture framed, please allow at least five weeks.

The format

I will be happy to advise you on finding the perfect format.

Do you have difficulties to imagine which size fits best in lovely home?

I offer a free service that will help us to find the right format for you and your very personal commissioned work.

You can learn more about this in my blog article "My artwork virtually on your wall".

Color wishes

Even before you commission your artwork, I will ask you some questions about your color preferences to get an idea of your preferences.

I will send you color combinations via WhatsApp or email.

Together we will then determine which direction to go.

Since I work a lot with white, the artwork will include different shades of the specified colors. Playing with lighter and darker colors gives the image a certain depth.

After commissioning

Once you have commissioned the artwork, you will pay 50% of the purchase price in advance.

After receiving the deposit, I will begin the commission.

During the painting process

After we have decided on a color combination, the time has come for you to sit back, relax, and let me take control.

After all, that's exactly the appeal of an artistic commission. When the artwork feels finished to me, I will send you a photo and ask for your honest opinion.

Then we will discuss whether we can still optimize something.


After completion of the artwork

After the final completion of the artwork, I will send you a photo again. If the artwork then fits for you, you transfer me the outstanding amount.

Then I will make the picture ready for shipping.

More information can be found in my blog post "I want a work of art, what now?".

You are interested in the prices of the commissioned works?

You can find price examples in my artbook.

I´m glad to hear from you 😊




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