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My artwork virtually on your wall

You have difficulties to imagine how your favorite artwork would look like in your lovely home?

Would it be big enough?

How it would look in your room?

Or if the colors would fit in your room?

No problem 😉 I would like to answer all these questions and have thought of a special service for you.

Send me a photo of your room without obligation and free of charge. I will bring your desired artwork, virtually using Photoshop, on your wall.

What do you have to do:

  1. stick two adhesive strips on the back of a DIN-A4 sheet of paper

  2. tape the sheet to the wall so that I have a reference point for the size

  3. go back far enough to get some furnishings in the photo as well

  4. you can also take a photo from a corner. I will adjust the artwork according to the perspective

  5. take the photo with your cell phone or a camera

  6. write me an e-mail with the name of your favorite artwork (there can be more than one of course) and the photo of your room to

This way you can see how the painting will look in your home. How it would feel for you to have the picture hanging on your wall and be able to look at it every day. This free service will save you time and make it easier for you to make a decision.

Want to see all the artworks for sale including prices? Click on the button and download my artbook for free.

Feel free to write me if you have any further questions :)




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