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The Art of your Decisions

From the moment you make different choices, your path will no longer be straight. You'll be able to see and walk new paths and enjoy your life in the most colorful ways.

I spotted the image below on the left from @newhappyco on Instagram. Do you see parallels to my artwork too?

You'll find these exact jagged lines in each of my artworks 😉 .


"The Art of My Decisions"

These lines are your perfect reminder that you need to make different choices in your life, if you want something to change on the outside. You can't keep living the way you are and at the same time hope that something will change.

You have to see yourself differently.

You have to feel differently.

You have to perceive things differently.

Or in general - go through life with a different consciousness than before.

Growth is never linear. Maybe you have to leave your comfort zone. But in your darkest shadow your greatest growth is waiting.


Details "The Art of My Decisions"

"It is far better to dare great things, to celebrate great triumphs, even if there are failures along the way, than to join the ranks of plain spirits who experience neither much joy nor much sorrow because they live in the gray area where there is neither victory nor defeat."

Theodore Roosevelt

Take a brief moment and feel inside yourself.

Are you perhaps making the same choices over and over again?

What might happen if you made a different decision?

It doesn't have to be big - just different.

Could you... or walk a different way to work?

...cook something new? some stretches right after you get up?

...tell someone how much you appreciate them?

...visit the place you've always wanted to visit?

...treat yourself with kindness in a difficult moment?

...let go of an expectation?

...send an email to someone about how you really feel? someone you've lost contact with?

Even the smallest new decision will remind you of your ability to act. It will let you break out of your existing patterns and open you up to the new possibilities that are all around us.


"The Art of My Decisions"

You shape your life by making choices. Through your choices, you give your life a specific direction. A choice to go a certain way or not.

You feel weak?

You feel helpless?

You feel at the mercy of life?

Then you will most likely not make powerful choices. You will make decisions that will confirm you in your "I am...". And so you will always walk along your colorless path, missing the colorful possibilities that lie to the left and right of your path.

Think about who you want to be so you can align your choices accordingly. What are the values that are important to you? See them as your compass for your decisions.

Travel Reminder

"The Art of My Decisions"

Basically, there are no "wrong" choices. The only thing that exists are experiences that result from those choices. And experiences can't be "wrong" either, because every experience is worth experiencing. Maybe it is exactly this experience that will bring you further on your way. Maybe in 3 years you will look back and think to yourself "yes, this is exactly the experience I needed".

Just see it as another colorful point on your path 😉.

Have fun with your new choices. ❤

Want to learn more about the artwork "The Art of My Decisions" or about other sellable artworks?

Feel free to download the free Artbook here.




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