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The Fish that Climb Trees

The cold wind blows around my ears. Probably the reason why I am alone in such a beautiful place. It is a stormy autumn day in 2020. Very few people are getting out of their cozy homes in the storm.

I am sitting on a park bench - in Passau - alone.

In front of me three rivers Donau, Inn and Ilz flow together. A fish keeps jumping out of the water as if it´s happy to see me.

Leaves fall from the trees and swirl wildly around me. Autumn shows itself from its most authentic side.

The leaves blowing wildly remind me of the reason I am sitting here.

They remind me of my unsorted thoughts and all the questions in my head.

Over the past few weeks, autumn has moved into my head as well. I found it hard to sort out my thoughts and answer probably the most difficult but at the same time most important questions.

"Time to dream"

The pile of leaves in my head was getting bigger and bigger and day by day I had more and more the desire to clean out my head to get more clarity.

I needed distance from my usual environment, distance from my work, distance from my everyday life, distance from the disordered thoughts in my head.

Sitting alone on a park bench, my phone on airplane mode, I let my gaze wander over the confluent river as the storm around me calms a bit.

The dying wind gently blows me one thought at a time. I observe them. I try to sort them out and let them move on. I try to let questions like "What is the meaning of life?", "Why am I here?", "What is personally important to me in life?" and "How would I like to be?" sink in and find the answers to the questions that are so important to me.

Details "I´m brave"

Immersed in my thoughts, I do not notice that it is already getting darker around me. In the meantime it has become really cold and the storm is picking up speed again. I decide to move around a bit and head towards the city center. I stroll past decoration stores, restaurants and drugstroes.

The cold wind blows me into a bookstore. I love to browse bookstores and get inspired. It was a small store. While I stop at the entrance frozen solid and enjoy the warmth, my eyes fall on the book "The Fish that Climb Trees".

"Other people's boundaries are not mine"

I had to smile and think of the fish from noon today that jumped out of the water and the leaves that fell from the trees and swirled around me. I take the book off the shelf and go to the other end of the store. There I make myself comfortable in the armchair and take off a few of my layers. On the back of the book is the question "What is it that matters in life?". "How appropriate" I think to myself. It was one of those questions that has been on my mind for some time.

I turn the book over and open to a random page:

"I firmly believe that everyone has some talent, but often it is one that is not appreciated by those around us.

Einstein once said: "Everyone is in genius! But if you judge a fish by whether it can climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking it is stupid."

And I add: Conversely, don't let others think you are a fish stop you from climbing a tree either. Don't listen to those who tell you, "You can't, you can't!" Be a fish who wants to climb trees."

Details "I´m a fish that climbs trees"

The lines captivate me. I keep reading – pager after page, chapter by chapter. I feel as I read that it will be one of the books that will support me in my journey to my most colorful self.

For a second time today, I am so engrossed that I don't notice how time flies. My stomach growls bring me back to reality. I take a look at my watch – 6:34 pm. "Time for a little refreshment" I think to myself. I put one layer after another back on and head for the cash register. With the words "A very atypical but amazing and personal book by the author", the friendly saleswoman cashed in on my new travel companion. I can only agree with her and thank her for the warm retreat, which was much needed. 😋

Hesitantly, I approach the exit - a little afraid of the uncomfortably cold air that is about to hit me. If I'd just come out of a bar after a boozy evening, we'd call it "Frischluft-Watschn" in Bavaria. 😄 Which means as much as "fresh air slap". 😉

And that's exactly how it feels when the doors open.

I quickly scurry to the bakery next door to remedy my stomach growl. Hoping to keep the refueled warmth from the bookstore inside me for as long as possible, I quickly make my way to my car. As time passes, I notice myself speeding up as it gets colder and colder. 😅

I can't wait until I finally get through the hour and a half car ride so I can continue reading.

"I get to be myself"

The book "Fish Climbing Trees" is one of the works that supported and accompanied me on my journey to the most colorful me. Sebastian Fitzek wrote this book for his three children. He was preoccupied with the question "What would I say to my children today if I didn't have the chance tomorrow?".

I am very grateful that he shared the book not only with his children, but with all of us. In the time I've been painting on my series, I've read the book for the fourth time. 😊

PS: The first buyer of an artwork of this series gets a book signed by the author Sebastian Fitzek for free. :)

Artworks of this series:

  • "I am brave"

  • "My life consists of many individual journeys"

  • "I have to please myself, no one else"

  • "The boundaries of others are not mine"

  • "I trust my gut feeling"

  • "I´m a fish that climbs trees"

  • "Time to dream"

  • "I´m allowed to be myself"

Do you want to travel to your most colorful self too while having a special eye catcher in your home?

All saleable artworks of the series "The Fish that Climb Trees", as well as their dimensions, prices and related stories you can find in my artbook for free.

Feel free to write me what you think about the series and which artwork is your favorite :)




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