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The hidden golden Buddha

About 67 years ago, a large Buddha statue made of clay was to be moved from one temple to another in Thailand.

When the statue was moved, large cracks appeared in the surface of the Buddha. When the monks examined the cracks more closely, they saw something glistening under the layer of clay.

Gradually, they carefully removed the clay and discovered that the Buddha was entirely made of gold.

It is believed that the monastery had been attacked many hundreds of years ago and the monks wanted to hide the golden Buddha from the attackers. Therefore, they encased it in a thick layer of clay to hide the true value of the Buddha.

Since probably none of the monks had survived the attack itself, the knowledge of the golden Buddha had also been lost.


"The Glow in Me"

What can you take away from this story for yourself?

You, me and all other people in this world are like this golden Buddha.

We come into the world to glow. We come into the world full of love and trust.

We dance, sing, laugh, play, are curious and simply happy to be there.

We meet people as we are.

We do not pretend and do not adapt for fear of not being liked.

We shine for all we are worth. We shine like the golden Buddha.

But we are getting older. And the older we get, the more we start not to stand out, to fit in, not to clash anywhere and to please everyone.

We've learned that all this protects us from the world outside.

And with every hurt, every fitting in, every rejection, the layer of clay around us got thicker and thicker.

Our glow becomes less, until one day we even forgot ourselves that we are actually made of gold.

Travel Reminder

"The Glow in Me"

Have the confidence and courage to be yourself and rediscover and live your most colorful self.

Strip away piece by piece of your clay layer to let your inner self shine again.

For you, for your loved ones and for the world.

You will find more information about the artwork "The Glow in Me" in my free Artbook.




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