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The most important secret for a fulfilled life

You, I and another 7.89 billion people live together on this earth and we are all united by the desire for a fulfilled life.

But what constitutes a fulfilled life?

In these turbulent times, this question is probably on the minds of more people than ever before. A time that challenges us and takes us to our limits.

I would like to bring some color back into your life with a study from Harvard University. Ok, "study" admittedly sounds a bit dry, but it's not at all 😉 .

It's a long-term study that has given me strength and confidence, so I don't want to keep it from you or remind you of it, should you already know it.

75 years, 724 people and one question:

"What makes people truly happy?"


"Happiness is right in front of my feet"

In the "Harvard Grant and Glueck" study, 724 people participated over a period of 75 years. Harvard graduates were represented, as well as mediocre people from Boston. When the study started, 80 % of the young people at the time said their goal in life was to become rich. Another life goal for 50 % of the youth was to become famous.

The participants were followed throughout their lives. Rarely are there studies as long-lasting as this one. This makes the findings, which are otherwise difficult to obtain, all the more valuable.

Scientists analyzed regular surveys of their physical and emotional well-being. Brain scans were taken and biological abnormalities were taken into account.

The youngsters grew up to be factory workers, lawyers, bricklayers and doctors. One became president of the United States of America. Some became alcoholics. Some climbed the social ladder, and others made that journey in just the opposite direction.

As you can see, pretty much all social classes were covered with this study.

But where do you find happiness now?


"Happiness is right in front of my feet"

First things first. You won't find happiness on your travels to the other side of the world. You won't find it by climbing the career ladder.

Nor will you find it by treating yourself to the latest smartphone.

Sure, it does trigger short-term feelings of happiness. But let me tell you something. Not all happiness is fleeting. True happiness lasts. And in a world of higher, further and faster, we often overlook the fact that this true happiness is very close at hand.

Happiness is right in front of your feet. Sometimes it lies next to you in bed. It is at the other end of the telephone line or sitting across from you in a café. It asks how you are doing. Crosses its fingers for you. It thinks of you. It laughs and rejoices with you. It cries and feels with you and suffers with you.

Your greatest happiness are your relationships.

It is the people you love.

It is the people who love you.

People who are always behind you, no matter what situation you are in. They catch you. They are there for you. People you can always count on.

Travel Reminder

"Happiness is right in front of my feet"

Robert Waldinger, director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development sums it up:

"Good relationships make us happier and healthier. Period.

It's not about the number of friends or whether you're in a committed relationship. It's the quality of close relationships that matters."

By "quality," the researchers mean, for example, the security you feel in a relationship, the opportunity to share, to relax, to be there for others, to be allowed to be yourself and, above all, acceptance and appreciation.

This study proves that neither money, nor status, nor health can make us as happy as an intimate relationship and deep bonds with other people do.

Participants in the study who had close social contact with family, friends and community were not only happier and healthier, they also lived longer.

Good relationships are an all-natural remedy. They relax our nervous system and reduce physical and psychological pain. This makes life's challenges much easier and more manageable.

Strengthen the bond between you and your happiness


"Happiness is right in front of my feet"

Ask your happiness how she*he is doing. Accept and respect other opinions and views. We are all different and are shaped by different things in the course of our lives.

Make time for your happiness. Take long walks together. Talk on the phone if you live farther apart. Or just tell your luck "thank you for existing."

Here's some inspiration on how to give your special someone a little treat:

  • Hide a little message in the book your loved one is reading

  • Bring over a piece of homemade cake or cookies

  • Write a letter thanking them for their great friendship

  • Make your loved one happy with favorite flowers

  • Bring breakfast in bed

  • Pick up your friend from work without their knowledge with a Cafe to Go and go for a walk

  • ...

Do you have more ideas?

Feel free to comment them here to inspire others. 😊

Treat your happiness with love. Give each other support. That's what the world needs right now more than ever. ♥

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