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About art, personality development and the journey to my most colorful self

Painting was like therapy for me.

When it stormed outside, I found refuge in art.
Painting made me feel safe and free.
The canvas was my safe haven.

I could express my feelings, thoughts and moods directly through the brush in my hand.
My hand is moved by emotions.
Painting allowed me to better perceive my own world, the unconscious, what I was experiencing and witnessing. 
In this way, the repressed was transformed into a tangible reality.

I could understand what was going on inside me.
I could allow my feelings.
I could recognize what is now without judgment.

Painting gave me clarity.

5 Tipps wie dir dein Neuanfang gelingt (23)_edited_edited.png

Breaking out of the hamster wheel

The clarity I gained from painting made me realize that I needed to break out of this hamster wheel I was trapped in.

I no longer wanted my life to only feel like living on the weekends.

I wanted to do what made ME happy and fulfilled me.
Far away from the ideas of my environment and our society.

In addition to painting, I began to look into personal development. I devoured one book after another and was allowed to experience coaching inspiring personalities. 

I became aware of what is possible for me in my life and yet I often lost my focus in the everyday stress.

„Where Focus goes, Energy flows.”

My artwork is my anchor.
The paintings in my apartment, help me maintain focus.

By combining my art with personal development, I have a daily reminder in my lovely home.

They are the daily reminder in my life to focus on what is important to me. They help me focus on what I want for my life. They remind me of what is really important to me personally and to boldly go for my dreams. They are the travel companions on my heart's journey. 

Because what we deal with every day and what we see every day changes how we think, feel and ultimately what decisions we make.

I was allowed to experience this myself in my life.

I invite you to rediscover your colorful self, to realize your colorful dreams and to be reminded of them every day.

IMG_1845 (2)_edited.jpg

"I recognize my intention each time I look at the artwork and always discover new details that I use as motivation to reach and fulfill my goal.

The contact was very trusting and I felt very well taken care of."



From Passion to Mission

It wasn't an art degree that made me an artist.

Nor the fact that creativity and art have been a big part of my life since childhood, thanks to my mother.

No, it was the decision to put all my eggs in one basket, to quit my job as a logistics planner and to invest my time and passion in art.

The decision to accompany and support people in rediscovering their most colorful self and to boldly and confidently show themselves to the world in all their colors.

For more self-confidence!

We often wait for the right moment to go off for our dreams and live our most colorful self.


But that moment will not come. 

The right moment is NOW.

Start listening to your heart again and get into the DOING.

Then I have good news for you:
You are the artist of your life! You have the brush in your hand and can create the life you want.

Because isn't that what you long for sometimes?
More self-confidence, more lightness, more pure, colorful life!

Give your subconscious a daily update with my art.


"Your own dreams are something very personal. However, I felt very well taken care of and was able to open up quickly thanks to Nathalie´s calm and empathetic manner in the consultation. I feel myself becoming more confident day by day to stand by my dream and show myself to the world."



The process on canvas

The theme of personality development runs through my complete painting process and influences my technique.

At the beginning of your life, the canvas is empty. It is painted by experiences that shape you and beliefs that influence you. All of this is stored in your subconscious. The subconscious represents the first layers of my artwork. 

At some point you come to a point where you consciously begin to question the thoughts and beliefs of your subconscious. Conscious awareness is the first step on the journey to your most colorful self and represents the purposefully placed brushstrokes on the canvas.

On your journey to your most colorful self, you will encounter challenges and have to leave your comfort zone. But growth is never linear. The jagged lines on my artwork remind you of that.

You will be rewarded with valuable experiences and with an authentic and colorful life that makes you fulfilled and happy. For this you may celebrate yourself and your life. Best with confetti, which you will find in the form of splashes of color in each of my artworks ♥

Highest quality materials and handwork

I meet my highest quality standards by...

High quality stretched canvases
I use only professionally strung canvases for my artwork. They provide an assurance of the quality of my paintings.

High quality acrylic paints

I use only high quality acrylic paint. Due to their color strength, they let your companion shine even many years later.

Specially mixed colors
Since I mix my own colors, I can mix your personal favorite shades. They guarantee uniqueness and reflect your most colorful self in a special way through harmonious mixing ratios.

The handwork does not stop when finishing your artwork.
It is lovingly packed by me for shipping, that it also arrives safely with you.


Close customer contact creates best results


For me, the exchange with you is essential to create or find an ideal work of art for you.

For this you are welcome to contact me at any time via e-mail:

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Or book a free and non-binding consultation:


What else I offer you

Mock-Up Service
I "photoshopped" your favorite artwork on your wall

Free consultation
Together we determine the intention for your personal artwork, define the color composition and the right format.


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