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Your personal Travel-Guide

The Travel-Guide is a workbook, customized to your artwork, that will additionally support you with knowledge, transformative exercises, reflective questions and meditations on the journey to your most colorful self.

It will help you listen to the voice of your heart and reawaken trust in yourself and life.

"If we did all that we are capable of, we would probably astonish ourselves." Thomas Alva Edison

This is what you have to look forward to...

  • 198 pages of knowledge and exercises

  • Over 90 reflective questions

  • 6 powerful and transformative meditations to anchor what you've learned emotionally as well

  • 2 bonus meditations

  • introductory video

  • customized to your artwork

  • Workbook in printed form

  • consisting of 6 stages

  • designed for 30 days

  • flexible start and can be completed at your own pace

  • lifelong access to all content

The Travel-Guide consists of 6 Travel Stages

Travel Stage 1: Trip Preparation

We prepare you for the journey to your most colorful self and we build a connection between you and your wonderful artwork.

Travel Stage 2: What luggage are you traveling with?

You are allowed to become aware of everything you are currently carrying on your journey. We make a kind of inventory of your individual areas of life.

Travle Stage 3: Leave heavy luggage behind you

You learn to forgive yourself and others, to accept your past and to see it as a colorful palette.

Travel Stage 4: Remember where you want to go

In this stage of the journey, we will go on a discovery tour of your brightest colors. You will realize your true value and we will design the route to your most colorful self.

Travel Stage 5: Show the world your most colorful self

You will learn how to live your most colorful self, fulfill your dreams and align your money mindset with abundance.

Travel Stage 6: Maintain Your Travel Momentum

To maintain your travel momentum, I'm sharing five valuable travel tips that you may incorporate into your everyday life.


  • you are on your way

  • you know who you are and what you want to do

  • you believe in yourself and your dreams

  • you live out of joy

  • your energy is almost magnetic and you attract the right people into your life

  • instead of postponing your dreams until tomorrow, you finally start to realize them

  • instead of constantly comparing yourself with others, you go into visibility full of enthusiasm

  • instead of doubting yourself, you recognize your uniqueness

Does your heart beat faster when you read this?

Then my art in combination with the travel guide is just right for you.

Because in order to realize your dreams and create the colorful life you desire, you must first become the person who embodies all your dreams and colorful life.

First be, then have.

Not the other way around.

Therefore, you may remember who you are, what you desire, where you want to go.

All the knowledge and all the exercises and questions that helped me live my most colorful self, I've compiled for you in this Travel-Guide. ♥

Because my goal is to support you in the best possible way to travel back to your most colorful self and create the colorful life you deserve.

You have the option to purchase your very own personalized and customized travel guide with the purchase of an original artwork - whether commissioned or artworks for sale.

Are you ready to start your journey to your most colorful self?

Then download my free artbook now.

There you will find more information about the travel guide and all available artworks and commissioned works.


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